Friday, February 17, 2017

Love is in the details! Wedding day details and why I honor them Tampa and Atlanta Wedding Photographer

One of the things that gives me the greatest joy when photographing any event is the details!  I just love beautiful, girly, memorable things – shucks, I just love everything related to weddings.  It just so happens that I love going into my own space, finding things that might otherwise be forgotten or overlooked - I could do it all day, and I do lol. Now that's not to diminish in any way anything else that happens at a wedding but, photographing the details has always been one of my favorite things to shoot. 

When you think of it, most brides spend months, if not more than a year in some cases, selecting each small detail for their big day and imagining what it will look like when it all comes together.  That’s one of the reasons why I’m so committed and conscientious of the little details, big and small, that are part of the wedding day memories.

When I’m photographing weddings, one of my biggest goals is to honor the vision of the bride and catch as many details from the beginning of the day to the end.  This often includes among other things, her shoes, jewelry, invitation, perfume – just to name a few, then ceremony space, and finally the reception and all the details that make it the reception she dreamed of.

As if memories were not enough reason to capture such loveliness, think of background pages for albums!  Yes, all these lovely details also make killer backgrounds for beautiful flushmount albums.

So relish in your memories of the planning and the DIY projects, and everything in between, and finally in the images as they relate to your lovely details. 
Xoxox, Susie