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Monday, February 23, 2015

Celebrations of the Season!

Wanted to make a short post and write about a fabulous company – Goya Foods!  I was honored this year to participate and take the images for the annual holiday party.  At Goya, opportunity and prosperity abound and employees are recognized and valued.  In fact, most employees happily stay until retirement – a rare thing in today’s business climate, what a blessing! 

Goya is a wonderful Hispanic-owned company that continues its growth while fostering opportunity and preserving its cultural heritage.  The history and story of Goya is as much about the importance of family and values as it is about achieving the American dream and helping to cultivate the Latin culture in the United States. 

 In 2011, Goya celebrated its 75th anniversary, a milestone achievement that was recognized through a national, yearlong celebration while launching new company campaigns and initiatives. During Hispanic Heritage Month, President Barack Obama honored Goya for its continued success and commitment to the Hispanic community, the only company to ever be honored by The President. The following year, Goya collaborated with First Lady Michelle Obama and the USDA to launch MyPlate/ MiPlato campaign, a national health initiative to help educate Americans on how to eat healthy (I have a blog post and images related to this, feel free to search my archives to view it).

In addition, Goya Foods has been a proud supporter of programs, scholarships and activities that benefit families and children throughout the world. Each year, Goya actively engages with social, civic and local food banks on charitable endeavors that promote and sustain community wellness and the advancement of the Hispanic culture.  Over the years, Goya has donated millions of pounds of food to victims of various disasters and charities worldwide including Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Isaac and Irene, the earthquake in Haiti, The United Way, Maestro Cares, and City Harvest.

Goya Foods remains firm in its goal of being the brand of choice for authentic Latin cuisine while retaining its family-oriented approach to its consumers and its roots in the culinary traditions of Hispanic communities throughout the world.

Here are a few images of the loveliness of the event, I just love the colors and the up-lighting and decorations – I am only posting the event d├ęcor to preserve privacy – so I hope it’s something you will still enjoy seeing.  Lots of good ideas for any upcoming event, I know that I am looking and learning, lol!  Enjoy,


Have a blessed and happy year!