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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Breakfast at Tiffanys Bridal Shower – Tampa Photography

How many times have I shot in this beautiful room but, it sure takes on a whole new meaning when it’s near and dear to your heart!  Just wanted to share what amounts to my quick snaps because when you’re hosting an event, you can’t be the master of all things and with all the fun and distractions I was having, I was not able to really put in a more meaningful effort to do what I love – get images!  Still, I managed to get some real quick so I apologize if I was not able to get fancier – just some candids shot quickly with flash and some natural light photos to look back on as we make these terrific memories.  

Also, I wanted to post so I can write about the fabulous Event Factory in Tampa!  The Event Factory is a terrific venue not just for weddings and quinces but, for so many other event types.  I have been blessed to have celebrated two milestone events there, my daughter’s sweet 15 and now her bridal shower!  As you can see, the rooms lend themselves to just about any theme or d├ęcor and it’s just such peace of mind to know that your event is hosted with such a well trained staff!  From excellent DJ service, to the video department with beautiful edited video, to customized event managing, to the photo department (which I have been a proud member of going on over 9 years now).  The Event Factory is THE location to host your next celebration!  So please give them a call or stop by to get a tour and prices, you won’t regret it. 

Well, I hope you will continue to check back and stop by from time to time as I post new and exciting things coming up!  Until then – happy fall!


Delicious and beautiful - cake from Publix bakery

Party favors, inside every box - diamonds and pearls of course darlings!

Love it!  Image shot originally as a landscape orientation but, here she is displaying in in portrait orientation and it looks great!  Thought this was really cool.

The lovely maids wore little black dresses and looked fab!

A tried and true classic - the games were lots of fun!

Everyone's favorite!  Just can't get over how funny Kristina and Rebeca's reaction is in this photo

So many gifts and memories!  This gift went to the true spirit of the event, so so lovely

Such great memories!  Some of the bridesmaids and friends that will share the love and celebration - and from the looks of it they can't wait :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Congrats USF Graduate – Rebeca! Tampa, FL Photography

Oh so much going on – all great things of course but, so little time to blog so I apologize!  I knew that this was a session that I really had to make time to write about.  This very special and lovely girl recently graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, which of course explains that very cool helix hanging from her cap.  I was just thrilled with this photo shoot because Rebeca has her own special personality.  If you find yourself smiling and chuckling here or there you will know, that's Rebeca 100%!  Rebeca is a fun-loving extrovert who has a super huge heart and is always caring and putting all others over and above herself.  She is compassionate, loyal and silly - all the qualities that make everyone that knows her love her so much! 

Well one more fact, if you are observant, is her cap!  If it looks familiar it’s because she borrowed it from her one of her best friends for the photo shoot until her cap came in – and when she put her own personal touches to it, she decorated it with the Little Mermaid, of course!! Also very Rebeca!

I am going to keep it short so you can just enjoy the images – I really had a blast doing them and got to play around with a couple of lenses I don’t usually get the opportunity to use a lot.  So hope you enjoy and stay tuned, lots more love coming to the blog soon!