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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jacquelin’s ‘Under the Sea’ Quince Portraits – August 2014

I am so thrilled to finally getting around to blogging about Jacquelin’s quince portrait shoot, because it was so unique and special! 

First, I can’t say enough about the wonderful work done by Jacquelin’s mom Damaris, on her pre-planning for this photo shoot.  Pre-planning can make or break a good portrait shoot especially one with three locations like this one.  When you pre-plan correctly, the entire shoot moves along smoothly from start to finish and is so stress free.  We had such an amazing experience with all the locations we went to.  From the Florida Aquarium, to the gorgeous Marriott Waterside to the beach, every aspect of the shoot was pre-planned and I can’t give enough props to Damaris, for such a wonderful job coordinating all location details, props, and wardrobe changes for the day.  It really made the shoot and is a huge part of the reason we were so successful getting the images that we did and having as much fun and amazing day that we did! 

As you will see, we began the day at the Florida Aquarium, which fits in with Jacquelin’s theme perfectly.  Well, nothing could have prepared me more to shoot in that environment than my years of shooting medium format.  As you can imagine, back then cameras were not so automated and you couldn’t cheat looking at the back of the screen.  The challenge was that the aquarium being such a very dark environment inside, did not allow for professional lighting to be brought in; so what is a photographer to do!  I needed to get good exposure and lighting on her while not overexposing her – at the same time I needed to make sure the tanks behind her were exposed enough so that they would not go black.  I immediately knew that I needed to override the camera settings and go way back in my mind to shoot manual, and with a little external flash that I brought just in case, we added an extra pop of light, which turned out wonderfully.  Jacquelin made a big splash there  too (no pun intended) with all the little girls who saw her in her dress with that beautiful crown and she was in much demand for photos from moms with their girls who all wanted to be in a picture with 'the princess', how sweet!  It’s once in a lifetime  - and Jacquelin never lost that smile on her face, she was so gracious and beautiful about it all day long.

After the aquarium, we went to the Marriott Waterside and finally to the beach.  I know that you will probably freak out about seeing her get her dress wet!  I know, I kind of freaked out about it too but, they assured me that it was bought on a super clearance sale and that it was for this purpose.  Really though, once I saw the material, I knew that it could be washed and be totally used again – which made me feel so much better because the dress was so beautiful and looked so gorgeous on her, it helps to know she can definitely wear it again! 

So with this little intro, I will post some of my favorite images – and I still feel that I leave out so many more.  I hope you enjoy and come back as I will have more exciting posts coming up in the near future that I am very excited about! 


One of my favorite images!  Can't believe the shark was nice enough to swim by just at the right moment!

Love the colors in this photo!

So beautiful for an under-the-sea theme!

The amazing Marriott Waterside

One of Jacquelin's and my favorite images - it was shown at her event too

Another one of the images Jacquelin chose for her quince

Love these images, even though she has an award winning smile - I still love some of these where she is more natural

It was super sunny but, Jacquelin managed to keep her eyes open as best as anyone can - not an easy feat here in Florida

Love this playful picture!

She blew a kiss for a special someone . . . . 

I absolutely love this series of images towards the end of the day - they were so carefree and candid.  I think she looks gorgeous!