Monday, September 22, 2014

Jacquelin’s Amazing ‘Under the Sea’ Quince – Aug 16, 2014

Gosh where does the time go?!  It’s amazing to me to be writing about Jacquelin’s quince because the other day (well, about 8 years ago), her sister Janely was in my daughters quince and her sister, Jacquelin was only a little girl!  Now here she is having her quince and it’s just incredible to me.

Jacquelin is such a special girl, I got to spend some time with her on her quince portrait shoot (which I will post soon, I promise – even if it’s out of the order I would normally post, with her portraits being first and event being second), I found that Jacquelin grew up to be a wonderful young lady with a passion for ocean life and with plans to pursue and degree in marine biology, it’s only natural that her quince theme was ‘Under the Sea’ or like the Little Mermaid.  Seeing the beautiful, good and sweet lady she has grown up to be was so rewarding and I am so blessed to be able to share in her event in this most special way.

Which brings me to this event!  This quince was special in so many ways.  It brought so many of us together again that hadn’t seen each other for a little while and brought lots of good memories from Janell’s, my daughter’s quince.  It also reconfirmed that we had THE BEST choreographers of all time – Damaris and Jose, Jacquelin’s parents, as we all got to enjoy once again, an amazing and flawless choreography done in a way to entertain and be fun, because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about – having fun and great memories!

I know I will be having a hard time posting images from this quince because I already see so many that I love and so few I can actually post so choosing is going to be hard but, I know that whatever I post is going to be great because the quince was just spectacular, from the theme and decorations – done wonderfully by L & L Events – 813/597-9927, the color scheme, the choreography and of course, the fantastic music of DJ Soltrix!  I could go on and on but, it’s more fun to just view images so, without much more words, I will begin my pics of the event and will hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed doing them! 

Until my next post of her portraits, I hope you will be blessed – and to Jacquelin, I hope you love your pics and your memories from our time together and your amazing event!


The invitations came as a message in a bottle complete with sand and shells, how unique and cool was that!


There was much excitement as the limo arrived!
Grabbed some quick portraits to check out the lighting - the girls look so lovely


Love the candid moments!

 I wish I could post them all because they all looked to handsome and beautiful

One of my absolute favorite things to do at any event is to photograph the details and there were so many beautiful things to get here!

How about this for a cake!? My mouth waters remembering how good it was

A moment like this . .. . . 
She walked in to an arch of flowers - very beautiful 

Not a dry eye as she danced with one of her daddies

Yep, you know what this is - thriller and a bunch of other fast dances, everyone loved this

Her parents which do the choreography do such a phenomenal job!  Here the teenagers come out through a tunnel like soul train each doing something unique and fun

Just love the natural colors of the room with all the uplighting

Dad wowed the guests while they ate with some great jazz sounds

Love this grandma, she came in dancing - now I know where all the talent comes from

Love this family, they are funny and fun - hilarious candids

All your friends and family singing you happy birthday real loud - priceless