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Friday, February 7, 2014

Sweet Dreams - Jaclyn's (and David of course) Maternity Shoot!

Oh where do I begin . . . .

I write with nostalgic joy about this amazing maternity shoot for Jaclyn.  Not only because she is so gorgeous but, because I have been fortunate enough to be a part of - and share so many milestones in her life; her birthdays, her first recital, her engagement and wedding of course (so sorry I had her wedding on this blog a long time ago - before I knew much about blogging, I deleted it thinking I was running out of room) and now this maternity shoot!  It's beyond words but, I will try to write about it and keep it short because of course, I am never without words (for those close friends that know me well), I can talk a lot!

So on to the maternity shoot.  Jaclyn had a wonderful pregnancy and it will be obvious how adorable she looked just weeks before giving birth but, what I really loved and enjoyed about it was how she was just so happy, so full of energy and so willing to just let us try all of the things that might only make sense in my mind and the fact that she did them feeling relaxed and so sure about herself - she made it so easy for me.  There is nothing more beautiful than an expectant mother and that feeling and inner love comes out in multiples in the images.  Of course, David was not planning on being a part of the shoot initially BUT, us girls (and our helpers - thanks to Christina and Susie who did a fabulous job with hair and makeup), talked him into it and we were so pleased that he made an incredible part of our vision in the photo shoot - so thank you David!

It has become incredibly difficult right now trying to pick out what pictures to post because I don't want to overload the post with too many but, I have to narrow down my picks and I am probably going to be sad about the ones that I will inevitably leave out but, I CANNOT leave out the baby's room because that is too spectacular to not show!  (yes!  get ideas guys and girls, this was over-the-top beautiful).  David and Jaclyn outdid even the most accomplished designer in making this nursery.

It is with much joy and love that I post these photos!  I enjoyed every minute of it and I hope it will not be the last maternity shoot that I do with Jaclyn, who is of course a fabulous mommy now to baby Adrian.

Thanks for everything Jaclyn and David, and all my love to baby Adrian!


The babies room is a labor of love between both parents - I think they did an amazing job! 

How cute is this!

Daddy made this terrific and very functional lighting for babies room - pretty impressive

Yes, I kid you not she looked this beautiful right before giving birth



They share such a beautiful bond - and baby will now make three! 

Looking stylish and cover perfect - Jaclyn chooses a great color for photos outdoors

This was one of Jaclyn's favorite pictures - I can see why she likes it

Reminiscent of her engagement shoot, one of Jaclyn's favorite pictures from her engagement shoot was on a bench with David so we were so lucky we found a bench at our outdoor location

Beautiful colors right before sunset - got to love Florida!

Congratulations Jaclyn and David!