Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Introducing Allesandra!

Baby Allie, as she is lovingly referred to, is the newest addition to Tyrone and Lavoryia's family (some of you may remember Tyrone and Lavoryia from some of my earlier blog postings).  I was so happy to be asked to document this special little girl and I can't wait to tell you about her!

Well first, I was so used to shooting newborns recently that were just a couple of days old that I was sort of expecting a baby that could only open her eyes and move her hands and feet a little bit but, what I got was a sassy, super cute girl who was already lifting her head and showing some of that girly, spunky personality. 

She was honestly so good I couldn't believe that we were able to get so many outfits on her and she just let us do so much - she didn't even cry once except when she made that face that said,  "I'll cooperate if you just give me some milk"!  Hey, a girl's got to have her beauty sleep, eats, and accesories :) he he!

No seriously, she was so good and so cute and I hope I don't get in any trouble saying this but, she is just looking so much like grandmom Twila in some of the pictures, which of course is a good thing because Tyrone's mom, Twila, is a very beautiful woman.  But, you know how babies are - they will look different next month and who knows, maybe she will look like the other grandmom :)

Well all I can say is I can't wait to post these pictures and I must say what a blessing that I have been able to work with this family for a while.  I feel really special and honored - thanks you guys so much!

So now I will give you a sneak peak look into the sweet life of baby Allie - God Bless her!

Love you all!

Little Miss Sunshine

This belly begs to be kissed and tickled

A girl has got to know how to rock her accessories, ya know

Mommy, I'm getting hungry 

Daddy to the rescue



Now this is what I call fun!

I'm too cute

Daddy says I have to be modest

My mommy time




OK enough fun for one afternoon -  I say it's nap time :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama, together with Goya Foods, promotes healthy eating in Tampa

Thursday, January 26, 2012, was a historic day for Tampa’s National Supermarket, for Goya Foods and for me! First Lady Michelle Obama met with representatives from Goya Foods, the largest, Hispanic-owned U.S. food company, as part of a national awareness program to encourage health and wellness.

The First Lady's ‘My Plate’ program is aimed at getting children to eat better, change how much they eat and make healthier choices. She said families can still honor their traditional foods, but do it in a way that's healthier for kids. Michelle was quoted as saying, “Folks are starting to make simple changes -- things like replacing butter or lard with canola or olive oil -- something as simple as that," she said. "Adding tomatoes or zucchini or peppers to rice dishes. Using whole-wheat tortillas -- something we did yesterday, in Virginia. Rachel Ray made these wonderful tortillas. Kids devoured them -- really, I did too. Using low-fat cheeses, using lean meats, and adding more fruits and vegetables to the meals, and what people are discovering is that the dishes taste the same, and sometimes they taste better. And more importantly, kids like them as much and sometimes even more." How true!

Ok, so you’re saying,”Susie, you were there and what did you think?!!!!!”. Ok, well in a word it was surreal and I honestly feel that it must have been meant to be as I never expected for an instant to be a participant in such an event in my lifetime – it was really something that went well beyond what my imagination or expectations could have ever dreamed of me doing at any point of my most humble photography career. What I will remember the most about the First Lady was that she was a lovely lady and who is passionate about her message to promote healthiness for everyone – especially kids. She was a very gracious person who took time at the end of her presentation to shake hands and pose for photos with many of the people who where there; very friendly and caring; it brings this bible verse to mind, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3. Sadly however, I was not able to participate in the group photos or to personally meet Mrs. Obama but, none the less, I feel blessed to have been given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which is something that I will always remember.

So with that – I will leave you all with these few images of the event and hope that you all enjoy but, most importantly, I hope that you will take in our First Lady’s important message; which is to make those changes in your life to live and eat healthier – and beginning with me, I’m on a roll now to lose 20 lbs!

So until my next post – be blessed!

Fresh and delicious ingredients go into the making of Goya Foods

Not just pretty but, also so good for you

This beautiful display was put together with the hard work of my husband and many hardworking dedicated Tampa Goya employees for this special event

Many of the fresh things you will find at National Supermarket

A well stocked store is a joy to shop in - visit National Supermarket for a wide variety of fresh foods and Goya products

Mrs. Obama's healthy tips for eating better

First time in my life I see so many news trucks in one place - I guess I live an un-eventfull life :)
and that's ok with me
Beautifully decorated and colorful Goya truck

Umm, yes. This is a pull back shot of the press area and where I was suppose to find a spot to shoot. I don't know how but, I did it - you know, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do

Fausto, one of the owners of National Supermarket welcomes everyone and gives an emotional story of his experience as an immigrant living the American dream - only in America, God Bless the USA!

Goya's President, Bob Unanue speaks next

How exciting!!!!!!!

Another guest speaker, talks about how our health is sometimes tied to our diet. It was very moving and inspirational, she has arthritis and through proper eating and diet is able to live a healthy and productive life

Wow! She is so beautiful
Making food choices for a healthy lifestyle can be simple

Amazing! Once in a lifetime!

Check out the 10 tips to a great plate 1)balance calories 2) enjoy your foods, but eat less 3) avoid oversized portions 4) eat good foods more often i.e. veggies 5) make haf your plate fruits and veggies 6) switch to fat-free or low fat 7) make half your grains whole grains 8) cut back on foods high in solid fats and sugars 9) compare sodium in foods 10) drink plenty of water instead of sugary drinks -- brilliant!

The First Lady speaks and feels passionately about the 'My Plate' program

Afterwards, she graciously extends her time to take a photograph with all the hard working emplyees of National Supermarket, wow what a thrill for them
Here with the Goya Group!
Bob Unanue takes time to speak to the media about the important issue of the First Lady's LetsMove initiative and the USDA launch of MiPlato and Goya's proud role in taking a stand in helping consumers to live a healthy and happy life

Goya president but, also a genuinely incredible and nice person - Bob takes time to get to know and have a picture taken with all the hard working Goya guys. Here he is with my husband - Jovito Barzola

A fun moment with the Goya group and Goya Vice President - Armando Martinez (center with red tie)
Well what do you do after such an exciting and long day - you relax and get something to eat of course! But, the Goya guys don't relax for long - soon this group of hard working guys will magically put the store back to the way it was (too bad since it looked so pretty right?) You can find lots of the same food displays in the store - so please stop by National Supermarket and say hi to Fausto!
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